Pathfinder Keychain

Pathfinder Keychain

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Have you ever had your keys fall out of your pocket? That moment of terror right after you reach into your pants and realize they are missing is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Fortunately, most times when you return to the scene of the crime, they are right there, but sometimes that's not an option, especially if you're riding public transportation.

After some close calls involving the subway, I finally decided to do something about it. The belt loop keychain isn't a novel concept, but we wanted to enter our own fighter into the arena. It took some time, but we finally sourced pieces that we found were sturdy enough, but that wouldn't break the bank either (I'm looking at you 3M Saflok carabiner).

As for the selvedge denim? Well, as my buddy Shiro would say when he bought another pair of jeans, "You can never have enough denim." I quite agree.

-Selvedge denim

-Solid iron matte key ring

-Solid iron matte sling lever snap